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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Written by Jordan W. Jacob, Esq.

June 15, 2021
the perfect father's day gift

When you are a kid, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a struggle. You want to get your dad something he will enjoy, but few young people can afford a new set of golf clubs or a shiny new grill. Instead, you probably end up settling for the tried and true necktie and socks.

Even after you become an adult, it does not get any easier to shop for Dad. When it comes to expressing your love and appreciation for everything he has done, more “stuff” does not cut it.

If your dad is like most, he would tell you that the greatest gift you could give him would be for you to remember the values and principles he taught you and share them with your own children.

As parents, we go to great lengths to protect and pass on our family’s financial wealth. Still, very few parents take the time to document, much less preserve, their family’s legacy. The stories, values, insights and life lessons of our own parents, grandparents, and those who came before them, are typically lost forever when a beloved father figure passes away.

With this in mind, give your dad a tribute to the role he has played in your life. Preserve his legacy for generations to come with a Family Wealth Legacy Passage.

Family Wealth Legacy Passages: Sharing Your Family’s Story

As your Personal Family Lawyer®, I know that estate planning is not just about protecting and passing on your money and things when you die. When done right, estate planning gives you the ability to pass down the most precious assets of all – your life stories, lessons, insights, and values, intentionally. Put together, this is something I call your “Family Wealth”, but many will refer to it as your legacy.

Learn how Chadwick Boseman left behind a lasting legacy.

In order to help clients preserve their legacy, I have developed a unique service known as Family Wealth Legacy Passages. During the legacy preservation process, I will personally guide your father to create a customized recording to share his most insightful memories and experiences. Afterwards, I will provide you and your family with a digital recording to rest assured it will survive long after your father, and even you, are gone.

Including Family Wealth Legacy Passages in your estate planning helps ensure the most valuable assets never get lost and the process of documenting them is as easy and convenient as possible. To do this, I use a series of helpful questions and prompts, which makes the process both easy and enjoyable.

Many of my clients tell me that going through this process helps rekindle life moments they would otherwise not share with their loved ones during their lives. Documenting your legacy can enrich your family with something far more valuable than material wealth. After the interview, many of my clients have told me they feel as if they have become better, more conscious parents along the way.

The best part about creating Family Wealth Legacy Passages is that it takes less than an hour.

In the end, your family’s most precious wealth is not money, but the memories you make, the values you instill, and the insights and lessons you hand down. If left to chance, these assets are likely to be lost forever.

Create A Lasting Legacy

During the month of celebrating Dad, take this opportunity to ensure that all of the wisdom and experience your father has gained during his life will not be lost once he is gone. You can do this now by scheduling a free consultation with me, your Personal Family Lawyer®.

Even if your father is no longer with us, perhaps you have someone else in your life that you can honor with this process. No matter the father figure in your life, meeting with me as your Personal Family Lawyer®, will benefit future generations.

Schedule a free consultation with me today to learn how to give The Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

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