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The Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob

Your Lawyer for Life...and After™

You did it!  Whew, that was a bit of heavy lifting, wasn’t it?  But, now you know what you have; and the people you love will know what you have, where to find it all and how to access it.  Isn’t that a relief?

You will receive a copy of your Personal Resource Map directly in your email inbox within the next 24 hours.  When you receive the document, please keep a copy for yourself in a safe and accessible location, and provide one to those who you trust the most and/or anyone who needs to know this important information.

Remember, there is potentially confidential information included, so be carefully who you share with at this time.

If after creating your Personal Resource Map you realize that you need to work with a lawyer to ensure that the people YOU choose receive what you have (instead of it being left up to the Florida courts), SCHEDULE YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION BELOW!

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