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Basic Florida Last Will & Testament.

If your wishes are simple, a basic Florida Will may be right for you.


  • allows a married person to leave everything they own to their spouse, or to their children in equal shares if the spouse dies first;
  • allows a single parent to leave everything to their children in equal shares, and name guardians for minor children; or
  • allows an unmarried person without children to leave their estate to a significant other, relatives or friends, or charity.

Price: $350.00 $250.00

If you have a more complex estate, significant assets, want to disinherit relatives, want to set up complicated trust provisions through your will, have a child with a disability, or anticipate family conflict, please contact me today to discuss your other estate planning options or complete an advanced Florida Last Will & Testament intake form.

Basic Florida Last Will & Testament Intake Form

*A Florida Last Will & Testament ensures that your final wishes are put in writing for your family and loved ones. A Florida Last Will & Testament must go through the probate process in court. If you are not comfortable with this scenario, please contact this law office to discuss the use of a trust to pass on your assets and legacy after your death. Completion of a Florida Will form on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob; however, all information provided by you will be kept confidential by this law office. After your submission of a Florida Will intake form through this website, you will be contacted within 24 hours to complete an initial no-cost consultation. After our consultation, if you decide to move forward with my services, you will receive an attorney contract and payment instructions. After our contract is signed and payment is made, you will receive a FINAL draft of your customized Florida Will document and signing instructions.

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