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Florida Estate Planning.

Protect your assets and your legacy.

D-I-sort of-Y.

Create your own Florida estate planning documents (with my help).

Stick Does Not Trust Autobot DIY Estate Planning Websites

If you are looking for more basic estate planning documents, but do not trust the autobot do-it-yourself websites that are not operated by actual legal professionals, then look no further!

Stick Uses a Lawyer to Help Create His Estate Planning Documents

My easy-to-use automated estate planning tools allow you to create your own estate plan, but with the assurance that an experienced estate planning lawyer is reviewing and preparing your final documents.

Stick Sits at Computer and Creates Own Estate Plan Online

Start by filling out a secure online questionnaire that seeks all the necessary information to ensure you are provided with a legally sufficient estate planning document.

Stick Sits at Computer and Creates Own Estate Plan Online

Within 24 to 48 hours after completion and submission of your questionnaire, you will receive your final documents, along with signing instructions, through a secure online link.

Click on any of the following documents to get started and create your own estate plan today! 


Basic Will

Your final wishes for your possessions, dependents, and arrangements.



A more advanced document for more detailed final wishes.

Health Care Directives

Specify your preferences for healthcare and medical treatment to be used as guidance if you are ever unable to make decisions.

Power of Attorney

Assign a trusted person to manage your personal and business affairs if you are away or incapacitated.

Please be advised that by filling out and returning one or more of the above intake forms does not make you a client of the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob.  An attorney-client relationship will commence only when a lawyer from the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob agrees to provide the relevant services to you, as client, and an engagement letter is signed by both you and an authorized agent of the Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob.

Stick does not know how to get from A to B

Not sure what you need to do to protect the people you love and the things you own?

See what estate planning documents are right for you.


An affordable option for those who need more than basic estate planning, but prefer virtual, rather than in-person, assistance from an estate planning lawyer.

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